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The first container on the market with CRISTALOCK®

The safety your food needs.

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  • What is the CRISTALOCK System?

    It is a system developed and exclusively patented by Bandex, based on 2 principles:

    1) It guarantees a tamper-proof closure as from the moment the product is packed at the point of origin

    2) Once it has been opened, it offers an unmistakable proof of opening

Close it this easily

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    Position the lid..

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    Press towards the hinge..

  • Galery image

    Press the opposite end to finish closing the container..

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    Pull the tab and tear along the dotted line..

  • Galery image

    Open the container starting at the new tab..

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    Position the Cristal tool closure device.

  • Galery image

    Press towards the hinge with Cristal tool closure the device

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    Finish closing the container by pressing the whole lid with the Cristal tool clouse device.

  • Dispositivo
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  • Why use the CRISTALOCK System?

    Because once it has been closed, it becomes a tamper-proof and airtight container. It can only be opened by breaking the frangible seal..

    Because proof of opening facilitates and ensures merchandise control..

    Because the closure system guarantees content quality..

    Because it is the first and only system on the market that helps reduce your shrinkage..

    Because its design enables correct labelling and clear display of the entire content..

Gallery of uses


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    Click image to enlarge.

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  • Especificaciones técnicas

    Características del Diseño

    Visibility: this container has been endowed with an innovative design that requires no side bars to provide mechanical resistance. This enables content visibility..

    Thermal Resistance: the container is made of PET, an environmentally friendly material that delivers an extraordinary performance in freezers, enabling uses ranging between –18 degrees up to room temperature..

    Mechanical Resistance: PET is characterized by its high mechanical resistance, which guarantees adequate preservation even in adverse conditions including vibrations and knocks..

    Stackability: the lid has a retaining skirt that enables a large number of containers to be easily and stably positioned and stacked..

    Measurement Unit: these containers were conceived as multiples of traditional measurements mostly used in our market for food packaging. In this launch, the first two members of this family of products are presented with a 375 and 500-ml capacity respectively..

  • Industrial Use: given its technology, this container can be used in industrial applications with great efficiency, obtaining excellent results and an innovative display without investing in complementary packaging equipment..

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  • According to studies carried out by the CLEM – (Latin American Shrinkage Studies Committee, with the participation of Supermarket Associations from countries such as Brazil (ABRAS), Colombia (FANALCO), Mexico (ANTAD) and Argentina (ASU):

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